Pure Olive

Scrub Hardness (0 to 4 scale): 0.

Olive oils have been recognized as the best oil for soaps. It’s conditioning and moisurizing to our skins. However, it lacks an important soap characteristic: foaming and cleansing. Therefore, it is important to a soap maker to add other vegetable oils to improve the cleansing, without sacrificing olive oil’s advantage in conditioning. That’s where Olive Soap Marseille comes to the stage as an expert.

Pure Olive soap bar from Olive Soap Marseille offers a maximum luxury of an olive soap to your skin. It’s made from olive oils grown surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Pure Olive has a very soft and smooth texture. Yet it gives generous bubbling and cleansing properties. A result of the very carefully designed formula and a thorough handmade process. Its soft, neboulous scent comes from a pure citronella essential oil. Pure Olive is a perfect match to a sensitive and delicate skin.


The soaps from Olive Soap Marseille are guaranteed to have all-natural ingredients. Carefully¬†handmade according to the recipe of Savon de Marseille and its traditional techniques. That includes washing the residual caustic soda with salt water. It creates the “Extra Pur” characteristic of our soaps, safe for your skin.

Pure Olive is available as 120 gram soap bars.