Handmade Olive Soaps


Olive Soap Marseille has become a subsidiary of Duffait Paris natural skincare. We are proud to take part in a wonderful company with a commitment to Rediscover Your Natural Beauty. All products are being gradually synergized to those of Duffait Paris.

Dermatologists agree upon this fact: A good skin starts from a good soap. The health and beauty of your skin, largely depend on the soap you’re using.

For hundreds of years, olive trees in the Mediterranean have produced the best oil for making soaps. It provides the most conditioning and moisturizing effects to our skins. However, it lacks an important soap characteristic: foaming and cleansing. Therefore, it is important to a soap maker to add other vegetable oils to improve the cleansing, without sacrificing olive oil’s advantage in conditioning. Among other methods of creating soaps from olive oil, Savon de Marseille in Southern France has always been recognized as the best.

The olive soaps from Savon de Marseille fulfills three most important criteria of a good, bubbling yet non-allergic soap:

  • Conditioning
  • Cleansing
  • Lye (caustic-soda) free.

Balancing the conditioning and cleansing characteristics is critical to our skins yet often ignored by soap makers. Many soaps fail to achieve both. That’s where Olive Soap Marseille comes to the stage as an expert. Most other soaps are either:

  • Foamy (and therefore cleansing) but dry to skin
  • Or moisturizing to skin, but not foamy enough (end therefore, not cleansing).

It can be caused by their using animal fats instead of vegetable oils. Common examples are tallow fats or “sodium tallowate” from cows and “sodium lardate” from pigs. Or because they add many chemicals and additives. Or both. For 600 years, Savon de Marseille sticks to its original ingredients: vegetable oil and soda. No chemical additives whatsoever.

Meanwhile, the lye (caustic soda) acts as a two-side sword in soap making: We need lye for the saponification of oils. But lye is a strong soda. When it still exists in the finished soap, it will “stink” your skin. Many large soap factories do the trick by adding chemicals to suppress remaining caustic soda. While handmade ones often ignore the fact. Savon de Marseille has traditionally been doing a rigorous process to remove any remaining caustic soda. They wash the soap with Mediterranen sea water. This practice is carried out until today.

Soaps from Olive Soap Marseille are guaranteed to have all-natural ingredients. Carefully handmade according to the recipe of Savon de Marseille and its traditional techniques. That includes washing the residual caustic soda with salt water. It creates the “Extra Pur” characteristic of our soaps, safe for your skin.

Olive Soap Marseille, Naturally Authentic.